Face paintings on BJD's made by Winter Deer

Doll sale lot! Headsup! (。・ω・)ノ゙

Just a little headsup that these dolls and heads will come for sale soon. I am working on with them as we speak, (doing faceups and bodyblushes) so  if you’re possibly interested of any of them keep following the upcoming updates. C:

Coming soon for sale:

Doll Chateau Charles head (msd ns) with faceup by me

Doll Chateau Queena head (msd ws) with faceup by me

Withdoll Angela (msd Rosybrown) with custom faceup and bodyblush by me

Switch Shino head (sd ns) with faceup by me


Lillycat first order Eugenie modded body (msd ns) bodyblush and mods by me
Notice, this doll’s bust has been modded and sanded down.

About the Rosy Brown, it's a tricky colour and changes depending on lighting. In my apartment I have white walls so the light is cold and it looked purple 95% of the time (like my gray WDs tend to be blue unless the sun is shining). When I took my Fenrir to Yenna's, he was more gray because her place has warmer light. And obvs in yellow artificial light he was also dark gray. It's really strange. :S

I noticed this same thing, and what’s really odd/cool is that when you photograph the doll, even your settings as close to get colors what they look irl, the doll is always different colored, and it is because of the lightning, just like you said. I carried this doll from room to another and even to my balcony, and I noticed the change in color in every room, however, she still has this plum tone as her base tone. (if that makes any sense..) I think it’s pretty cool when it does that, but at the same time, the color I thought I would get was not what I received. I do not blame Withdoll for this _at all_. I think it’s a matter of taste really and nothing more. I was thinking that I would sell this doll, and get her either in grey skin or korean skin, because then I could execute the faceup plan on either of the resin colors.

If only they’d sell Angela in elf version again. Maybe they’ll re-release her later ( I can only hope though (´Д`。) ) when I’m going to buy her again in another color. It’ll take time for me to buy her again because I’m in the middle of layway’s and I need to take care of them first.

Did you buy urethane or french resin rosy brown? Because the urethane is more gray and the french is more purple.

She is urethane resin. I’m not a big fan of french resin because it turns color faster than urethane. And I was aware that the two resins naturally have slight color difference, hence I was really surprised that the urethane looks very plum irl. (・・。)ゞ