Face paintings on BJD's made by Winter Deer

Doll sale lot! Headsup! (。・ω・)ノ゙

Just a little headsup that these dolls and heads will come for sale soon. I am working on with them as we speak, (doing faceups and bodyblushes) so  if you’re possibly interested of any of them keep following the upcoming updates. C:

Coming soon for sale:

Doll Chateau Charles head (msd ns) with faceup by me

Doll Chateau Queena head (msd ws) with faceup by me

Withdoll Angela (msd Rosybrown) with custom faceup and bodyblush by me

Switch Shino head (sd ns) with faceup by me


Lillycat first order Eugenie modded body (msd ns) bodyblush and mods by me
Notice, this doll’s bust has been modded and sanded down.




After long concideration, I decided to change my faceup artist name to something I feel much more comfortable with. Please do follow my doll blog and please accept my new artist name. m(_ _)m Thank you for your support! (●´ω`●)

Another set of doll plans I’m sorry for babbling oTL

I’ve been pretty quiet with my doll hobby during last months. I’m not dead and not quitting this hobby, I’ve just had so many things going on at the same time in my life which had made me fell rather inactive with dolls in tumblr and forums. I wish to get active again with my doll tumblr account, as soon as I’ve cleared some things first.

But I have quite many new BJD’s on their way home! I can’t say which makes me the more excited, since all of them are dolls that I have admired for quite some time.

I will reveal the dolls once they are home, faceupped and clothed. I have done some mockups of the faceups I will try to do for the dolls, but I’m willing to reveal only one (since it’s the only one ready and what I like), and it’s Withdoll Angela, in rosybrown resin color. ノ・ω・)


(the original image was pain to change close to the rosybrown color (。_。) the original image had a normal skin resin, hence why the color of the skin isn’t 100% correct)
Withdoll has changed my order status from pending to before shipping. I am so excited to get this beauty home at last! ( ´ ▽ ` )ة  I hope she bonds together with the rest of my doll crew because she is so much more slender sculpted than my other MSD’s.

I am also saving for Twigling Ingenue in ws color. I wish to get this doll maybe later this year. I can’t afford him/her right now because of multiple on going layways, but I’m hoping to have her by the end of this year. I have always adored Twigling’s sense of sculpting. The body is breathtakingly beautiful with curvy waist, thighs and legs (my absolute favorite part in anatomy in general) and this body is a super poser with awesome click-stop joints. I already have an idea for the faceup, but since I’m able to get him/her later, I have tons of time to plan the faceup. I might post some here later if anyone is interested to see them.

But anyway, so many doll plans and so many soon-to-come dolls. I try to be more active with photographing, but our appartment is still very dark and not the ideal enviroment to photograph, well, anything really. oTL